Spencer Wells: Building a family tree for all humanity

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24 Responses to “Spencer Wells: Building a family tree for all humanity”

  1. replydesk Says:

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  2. unprofessionalvids Says:

    Well those scientists were Christians themselves. Explains a lot eh?

  3. batman24842 Says:

    grass plains that connected Russia to Canada

  4. vdubs4life1964 Says:

    how were these people crossing oceans 50k years ago?

  5. MarvelDcImage Says:

    Ginger is the evil gene.

  6. LOU ELLYN Green Says:

    you just keep proving my point. <3

  7. LOU ELLYN Green Says:

    My fact: you have no control over being a foul-mouthed, ugly just for ugliness’ sake jerk. Source? Your comment.

  8. LOU ELLYN Green Says:

    Amen to that! There is only one (1) race on this Earth: The Human Race!

  9. Al3xX420 Says:

    good lecture. thanks WhyEvolutionIsTrue.

  10. juuonse Says:

    He sounds like Simon Cowell… I keep expecting him to go mental on some stupid audience member or scientist :D

  11. RealPinkDreams Says:

    Socially, emotionally, politically , religiously , geographically and culturally our aim is one but scientifically and biologically we are not one and we weren’t one at all ( thats should WELLS focus on )

  12. greycloud24 Says:

    i don’t know any of that type of atheist. and i know quite a few atheists.

  13. imRyRy Says:

    I really think you’re looking too far into this. On the other hand, what if this sparks a new meaning to the famous names? Atheists who are atheists simply because of rebellion of religion aren’t that much more logical that creationists.

  14. imRyRy Says:

    I find it more interesting how blacks will somehow use this as an argument. And I find it even more interesting that you still assume only whites can be racist, which in turn makes you a racist.

  15. farang Says:

    If I am hearing correctly, we now know how the “pure Neandertal” became extinct: waves of invasion @ 60,000-40,000 years ago from Africa. Outhunted or killed in battles over hunting ground from large waves of people while they had a smaller population hanging on in the icier regions. But their DNA lives on…in Europeans and Asians…but not in Africans…and if Erectus left no DNA legacy…how come the oldest Erectus remain is from Asia, and only Asians have that shovel-shaped incisor?

  16. farang Says:

    So, the Max Plankt Institute DNA evidence that Africans have no Neandertal DNA, and Asians and Europeans do, is bogus? Asians and Europeans have @ 5% Neandertal DNA: fact. What Ted labels “our distant cousins” were 99.5% the same as us. Your neighbor is 99.5% the same as you: we are them. Africans are not. 5% compared to a larger percentage of African DNA in Asians and Europeans indicates an older origin. One Neandertal uncovered has red hair: they were around 200,000 years ago in Europe. Rusty

  17. SHIBBYiPANDA Says:

    LOL.. I think it’s awesome.. More hilarity for us…

  18. TheDarkchild31 Says:


  19. TheDarkchild31 Says:


  20. ZululAsha Says:

    @ble86n google “jane elliott”

  21. McCray2338 Says:

    I do not know if you all are pretending to be stupid because you do not want to admitt that we have a common ancester who was African or if you all really are that stupid??? Either way all I have to say is lord bless the pale Africans who migrated to Europe jajaja chao y espero que no son stupidos:)

  22. MusicStudyMan Says:

    Naming the genetic mother & father of the human race Adam and Eve makes as much sense as aming gravity the “God force” Why do they do this????

  23. charronfamilyconnect Says:

    Perhaps your right, but honestly we may never know. The earth has undergone so many changes over millions of years. Maybe the area of the world where we originated from doesn’t exist anywhere on the map anymore. Maybe its miles under the earths crust, buried with molten lava? So maybe AFrica is the more recent area where we can trace our roots but may not be the original place of origin. Shit maybe we come from Mars?

  24. adi87tya Says:

    There’s also archeological evidence which overwhelmingly points to human origin being in Africa.